Applying Glue in Extensions to Your Hair

Hair extensions are pieces of natural
human hair or artificially made hair that are attached to a person\’s
naturally growing hair to add length or volume. Many Hollywood stars
and supermodels like use extensions as a means to change their
hairstyles as often as they like. Extensions can be applied to one\’s
hair by clipping, gluing or sewing methods.

1. Prepare
your hair by sectioning it, and use a clip or bobby pins to hold the
hair in place. Separate the hair into three sections: the top near the
crown, the middle part, and the lower part close to the neck.

2. Apply a very thin line of bonding glue onto the weft of the hair
extension. Press the glued part onto your natural hair as close to the
root (but not on the actual skin of the scalp) as possible, and hold it
for about 30 seconds until secure. The weft is the upper part of the
extension. Continue this process until all of the extensions have been
glued on properly and securely. This is the method to use if you are
applying extensions to your hair by glue.

To set the glue of quicker you may use a hairdryer on a medium setting!

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