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Our Latest Products

Whatever Your Style We Have It All

Our Weave Bar Gallery

We always love to show off our beautiful customers. So please take a look below at some of our most recent weave bar work

The New and Exclusive Oil Slick Wig

This very new and very exclusive futura wig is only available from Andy’s Hair Hut.

It comes with a full lace front and is heat tongable.


Independent Identification

Andy’s hair hut is proud to be able to announce that it only supplies 100% Human Hair Extensions to its customers.

Intertek, the leading quality and safety partner for many of the world’s leading brands has certified that Hairaisers Hair Extensions consists of only 100% human hair. By examination under a microscope, using forensic techniques, Intertek has been able to see that the hair fibres are natural and not synthetic. This process has been achieved by heating the fibres whereas natural hair does not melt, synthetic hair does.

Further verification that the hair is natural derives from a property called ‘Refreactive Index’. This is a number representing the degree to which light is slowed down when it shines through something. Human hair and Synthetic hair fibres have different ‘Refractive Index’ values.

The All New Superb Double Volume
Double Deluxe Hair Extensions

This is the new and exclusive Remy hair extensions brought to you by Superb.

It comes in at astaggering 180 grams in weft form and up to 200 grams in pre cut and clipped.

The hair is 100% human and can be curled, styled and tonged using your heating tools. This Remy hair is the thickest we have ever had in store and it has an amazing feel to it.

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to extension hair, THEN THIS IS IT!