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Human Hair Conditioning Leave in Treatment Human Hair Conditioning Leave in Treatment £5.00
Human Hair Conditioning Shampoo Human Hair Conditioning Shampoo £5.00
Liquid Gold Quick & Easy Bond Dissolver 4 fl.oz Liquid Gold Quick & Easy Bond Dissolver 4 fl.oz £4.00
Synthetic Hair Conditioning Shampoo Synthetic Hair Conditioning Shampoo £5.00
Synthetic Hair Refreshing Spray Synthetic Hair Refreshing Spray £5.00
Liquid Gold Pre Bonding Shampoo 8 fl.oz Liquid Gold Pre Bonding Shampoo 8 fl.oz £5.00

New and VERY EXCLUSIVE to Andy's!


Achieve catwalk looks with the Hairaisers volumising hair piece.
This pre-styled, ready to wear hair piece has a natural soft touch and is light and easy to attach.

* Wear as a hair piece or ponytail
* Premium quality high-heat fibre
* 22 Inches long, straight
* Performs like real human hair
* Soft and natural to the touch

* 250g volumising hair piece 


Our New Facebook Page Is Here!


Due to popular demand we are re launching our Facebook page with even more exclusive offers.

We still continue to be the biggest and best for quality and service. The new site will enable all our customers to preview exclusive new styles and products that are being supplied through the largest brands. Also as before it will give all our friends the opportunity to discuss the world of hair.

The page will feature new discounts to be used in store or via our web site!

 Our New Facebook Page is Andy's Hair Hut and is under Places!



Do not be Fooled by the Price!

(Insist on buying 100% Human Hair)

After 20 years in the hair industry we would like to feel that we know what we are talking about. As the city gets exhausted by hair retailers, please be aware that if the hair is being sold cheap then that is exactly what you are going to get cheap! Please do not be fooled by the price.

For your safety from buying it please ask all the right questions:

1. How much does the hair your buying weigh?

The weight of all our hair is clearly visable around our stall for all our customers to see.

2. What is the REAL length of the hair you are buying?

A large percentage of our hair extensions are made over the size stated on the pack. All our staff carry measuring tapes which allows us to show you the real length of the hair.

3. How far does the hair open out on the weft?

Again all of our lengths and widths are clearly marked throughout the stall.

What type of hair is it? Can it be curled tonged and straightened?

Lots of brands now contain the new 180 degree fibre which means you can only put that amount of heat on it. Hence not being 100% human hair! A large amount of our customers come to us because we only sell 100% human hair which means you can put any amount of heat on them such as GHD's which go to 230 degrees.

Are you being told the truth?

 Other retailers in the city will do anything for a sale, which is why they do not tell you that the hair contains synthetic fibre. The hair is being sold to you clearly not 100% HUMAN but infact a human hair mix!

(Insist on buying 100% Human Hair) 


Andy's Hair Hut Celebrates 20 Years in Business!


Andy's Hair Hut would like to thank all its loyal customers for there support over the past 20 years.

The history of the Hair Hut goes back to 1992, when a young Andy took a small idea and decided to turn it into a business. Andy named the business the Hair Hut and from there the business was to become the first of its kind in South Wales. What once started out as a small retail store has now become the largest hair extension store in South Wales if not Wales itself. Andy is extremely proud of what he has achieved in the last 20 years and his hunger for progression is still at the forefront of the business. To succeed in business that hunger must always be there and this is why Andy's Hair Hut has become what it has today, a market leader.

Over the past 20 years there has been a lot of changes to the nature of the business and at the Hair Hut it has been important to keep up with all of the latest trends and fashion within the industry. With so many things changing, on what seems to be a daily basis, all staff at Andy's are committed to continue to bring you the latest in fashion accessories.

Andy's Hair Hut thrives itself on customer care and satisfaction. Our customers are the key to our success and we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service. All staff at the Hair Hut are there to offer there professional advice and guidance to help you achieve the look you want. At Andy's, time with our customers is precious and you will not be rushed into making a decision so we can move on to the next sale! We are committed to our standards of care and want our customers to feel totally at ease when purchasing any of our products. All of our customers receive a one to one service and our full attention.

Our product range is extensive and now has over a thousand to choose from. Please feel free to wonder around the sight to see what we at Andy's Hair Hut supply. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the store or answering any of your questions you may have online. Your only a small click away from a successful purchase and a memorable service!


The Original and still the Best!


Hairaisers New Supermodel Human Hair Extensions



The Supermodel human hair weft hair extensions are a continuous weft of hair extensions that can be glued, sewed, or clipped in using hair extensions clips. Supermodel hair extensions are ideal to add in all hair types to create loose flowing hairstyles that cascade perfectly into place. Whether you choose to curl, blow dry or simply leave straight, the texture of Supermodel hair gives you total control and the versatility to create the look you want. The Supermodel Hair Extensions are available in 3 lengths 14”, 16” and 18” and in a variety of colours.

High Quality Human Hair Extensions
Supermodel hair extensions are at a very affordable price while maintaining a high product quality throughout providing excellent value for money. All of our Supermodel hair extensions are 100% human hair and are manufactured to a high quality standard. The Supermodel human hair extensions are manufactured to suit the needs of anyone requiring high quality human hair extensions and developed to last a long time.

Whats the Difference Between Supermodel Hair Extensions and Blue Label Hair Extensions
Supermodel Hair Extensions contain 100 grams per pack, whereas Blue Label are 112 grams. The Blue label hair extensions also contain a high volume of Remy Virgin Hair, which are the luxury quality of human hair extensions. This does not mean that the Supermodel hair extensions are of a low quality, they merely use an alternative high quality human hair to Remy virgin hair extensions.








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Human Hair Conditioning Leave in Treatment Human Hair Conditioning Leave in Treatment £5.00

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Liquid Gold Quick & Easy Bond Dissolver 4 fl.oz Liquid Gold Quick & Easy Bond Dissolver 4 fl.oz £4.00