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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The award-winning Hairaisers Artistic Team answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hair extensions:

Q. Will extensions damage my hair?

A. If you have your extensions applied by a qualified hairdresser who has been fully trained in the hair extension application process and you follow their aftercare advice, extensions will not  damage your hair.

Q. What sort of aftercare is involved? Will my extensions be difficult to maintain?

A. You should use only products advised by your stylist and go for regular hair checks at your salon. Extensions will need more time and care than your normal hair but the level of maintenance required is still very manageable and the results will be well worth it!

Q. How long do they last?

A. Depending on your hair type extensions should last between 2 to 3 months. It is not recommended to keep them in for longer. However, if you can’t live without your extensions, don’t worry as they can be taken out and reapplied the same day.

Q. What if I don’t suit them?

A. Extensions are not for everyone but a good stylist should be able to advise you during the consultation process. If you’re still undecided and are looking for a more temporary solution, Temporary Fusion extensions are a great alternative. Although they may only last for approximately 2 weeks, they offer a more cost effective way to experiment with hair extensions.

Q. What if I get bored? How versatile are extensions?

A.  Human hair extensions are very versatile as you can wear them in a wide variety of styles. Whether you wish to blow dry them straight, curl them with tongs or leave them to dry naturally, with Hairaisers hair extensions, the possibilities are endless.

Q. I’d like to try extensions but don’t really want long hair, what else can I try?

A. Extensions are great for adding colour to your hair. Ask your stylist for spot extensions to give vibrant or subtle highlights. Alternatively, if your hair is really fine, scattered extensions, which are cut into your style, will give your hair fantastic volume.

Q. I am going on holiday, is it still okay to have extensions?

A. Water will soften the bonds holding extensions in place. Chlorine can affect the extension hair. Extension hair must be tied up in a pony tail and u.v. protection products are to be used on the extension hair when sunbathing or swimming. Bonds are to be dried as quickly as possible after swimming or left in a pony tail so that there is no strain or pressure put on the bonds when they are wet.

Q. I’m getting married should I have extensions for my big day?

A. Extensions can completely transform your look, so I would advise you to book in a consultation with your stylist first and then have them applied a few weeks before your big day. This will give you time to get used to the look and maintenance of your new hair.

Q. I’ve recently lost my hair due to stress, can extensions help?

A. Before considering extensions, first consult your doctor to confirm that you can go ahead. If the rest of your hair is suitable, extensions could then be applied to disguise the patch. A good hairdresser will advise you of the likely results at the consultation stage.

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